What We Do

Your vision is our concern.

At eyes of Claremont we take the responsibility of your eye care seriously, and seek to become the destination for all of your optical requirements. From thorough ocular health examinations, to the dispensing of high quality eyewear, and contact lenses, we prepare ourselves with industry leading technology, in order to provide you with the premium optical solution.

Let us take the effort out of your eye care needs, confident in the knowledge that you are dealing with an experienced and capable practice, who place your visions well being  at the forefront of each and every process.

The unique nature of our para-medical industry demands focus on seemingly polar interests- keeping abreast of ocular scientific research & clinical advancements, and the high fashion stakes of eyewear design. 

Our constant search for product via a worldwide network of suppliers and like minded professionals ensure that we are able to navigate our vast industry to provide a tailored solution to individual requirements.

Optics are our business, from spectacles, sunglasses, a significant stock of disposable contact lenses on hand, custom made contact lenses, as well as catering to more specialist eyewear applications such as sports eyewear, certified safety eyewear, prescription diving masks & swimming goggles, loupes, and other vocational specific eyewear. Advice costs nothing, and if the answer isn't at hand, we'll find it.

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